The Artist and the Con

By Millicent Sykes Raggedy Ann and the puppet master dancing in a studio, surrounded by mirrors and on-lookers. One originates the movement while the other strives to imitate to perfection. Both attempting to heal from past hurts and negative experiences. Experiences filled with sorrow, hate, mistrust, and jealousy. While one recluses, the other chases attentionContinue reading “The Artist and the Con”

The Rules of Life

First Base You have the chance to even step up to the bat No matter your ability to see the ball coming, interpret the opportunity to hit a homer, and projection of approaching the first reward You still doubt your ability to succeed and actuality of completing the main objective Like most, you believe theContinue reading “The Rules of Life”

So… how do you change the world?

Usually, the sentiment is one person at a time.. but some people aren’t willing to change. What do we do with the automatic, non-believers, so stuck in their ways that misery becomes more than comfort. … it becomes necessity.. (Not sure if you have discovered a theme… but the main thought has a Buddhist philosophicalContinue reading “So… how do you change the world?”

The Lost City

By Charlie Taylor Infested with parasites Seeking women, dopamine, and gold How do you defend a home front when you don’t know the enemy? People migrating to find a sense of home but instead attempting to rectify lost battles “I’ve gotta stay high all the time to keep you off my mind” Past hearts confessingContinue reading “The Lost City”

Truth and the Throat Chakra

“Everything will remain a mystery until you are ready.” The observer, the talker, and the doer (and the one contemplating…) How can you truly understand something you never took the chance to appreciate and comprehend? When the fragments of self become integrated only one message can be shared… that of authenticity. Stress and past experiences,Continue reading “Truth and the Throat Chakra”

Falling in Love with Ourselves

Hi lover,  What a journey you have been on! So much time was spent on romantic relationships and finding the one you would spend your life with. This goal has always been on an external person, even though songs, legends, and stories have always told about internal love. My love, you have finally got it!Continue reading “Falling in Love with Ourselves”

Holidays, Anniversaries, and Death

By Charlie Taylor There’s one coming up… Father’s Day This is a time where we think about our relationship with men, no matter gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, and/or nature of relationship Men created the world, right? Who sets the tone then? I can say for a fact, EVERY SINGLE PERSON, has been harmed byContinue reading “Holidays, Anniversaries, and Death”

Connection and the Heart Chakra

By Millicent Sykes “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.” -Seneca Throughout my experience with yoga, self-reflection, and an application of values, I routinely return to the intention and purpose of life. Often times, I consider wisdom, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Currently, I have become fixated withContinue reading “Connection and the Heart Chakra”

Reflections on 2021 and Intentions for 2022

By Tyler Hayes Lessons Learnt in 2021 It’s evident that everyone is focused on the future right now, but I believe it is critical to reflect on the past to move forward. 2021 was a roller coaster ride for most of us, particularly me. But I want to think of it as a warm-up yearContinue reading “Reflections on 2021 and Intentions for 2022”

The Ups and Downs of Trying in 2022

By Brian Thornsburg I came into the new year with high hopes for good things and to accomplish some pretty tasks, but quickly found myself falling back into old cycles. I started not going out again, despite going out two times the previous week as a part of a new years resolution. I then startedContinue reading “The Ups and Downs of Trying in 2022”