By Daniel Carbonero Is not one of the first principles of education the scientific principle that matter is neither created nor destroyed but that it only changes form? Water is the obvious example. Steam and ice are not created. They result from water changing form.  This writer would put before anyone reading this article thatContinue reading “Creativity”


By Franklin Muiruri Struggling with creativity and how to awaken your creative potential? Many others feel lost in the internet world that is currently saturated with people posting original ideas. Worry not; I will provide three essential steps I have tried before and worked on to create your masterpiece! Eccentric has become the new cool,Continue reading “Creativity”

Creativity and the Creative Process

By Grace Muthoni The creative process is the flow of thoughts and actions that leads to the final shape of an idea. We prefer to admire the best designs in the industry and marvel at their simplicity, beauty, and efficacy while looking at creative work. How can each individual be more creative at work withoutContinue reading “Creativity and the Creative Process”

Calling All Creatives!

By John Altamirano There is a sweet and subtle dance we all do with creativity. It moves in waves through even the most ordinary things. Infinite possibilities are on display in the palm of our hands and can be altered dramatically with a casual swipe. Suddenly, we have seen enough. Time stands still and aContinue reading “Calling All Creatives!”

Cathartic COVID Writing

By Megan Johnson McCullough The night the governor of California shut down, locked down, and closed small businesses, I had to write the dreaded email to my fitness studio clients that we would pause until further notice. Little did I know that pause would last over 3 months. It felt like my world was shattered,Continue reading “Cathartic COVID Writing”

Creative Process and Overcoming Creative Blocks: A Simple Guide

By Mahinroop It seems that creative block is an impossible hurdle to overcome for writers, artists and designers. There are a few proven methods for sparking inspiration and overcoming blocks in creative work. Suggestions for overcoming creative blocks include setting a routine, stepping away from work, taking a walk, changing up scenery and keeping aContinue reading “Creative Process and Overcoming Creative Blocks: A Simple Guide”

Surviving Suicidal OCD

By Brian Thornsburg The thought of suicide is something that has followed me throughout my teenage years and adult life. It started in High School, where I was relentlessly bullied to the point of being told to go kill myself. Other classmates would yell just die and laugh with their friends. Somehow that sentence seemedContinue reading “Surviving Suicidal OCD”

Creative Blocks

By Jarrett Pitts It Begins in the Mind Meandering through a museum, has the realization ever dawned on you; At previous points in time, all the paintings, moulds, and sculptures –all the varied and beautiful expressions of creativity—first began as ideas without physical analogues?  The great Michelangelo famously stated, “Every block of stone has aContinue reading “Creative Blocks”

Getting Motivated

By Paige Ort There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to create something but not having the motivation to start. Everyone falls victim to creator’s block. For example, you are staring at a blank page, trying to come up with words to write, and yet none come out. This barrier only becomes stronger as youContinue reading “Getting Motivated”

How to Overcome Challenges a Writer May Face

By Josh M. As a writer, you may experience your own set of difficulties, which may make your job hard despite all its benefits. I have been writing for 5 years now and one of the most challenging things that I had to fight is the distractions that come with working from home. Ever sinceContinue reading “How to Overcome Challenges a Writer May Face”