Safety Needs

food, shelter, water, transportation, security, health These are aspects of life which never go away. No matter the amount of money a person has, these factors are necessary components of life. Some people reside in the survival mode through most of their life. The primary focus is on money and escaping the inevitable doom ofContinue reading “Safety Needs”

The Root Chakra and Our Sense of Safety

First Chakra- Muladhara  Meaning: root  Essence: earth, waking state  Governs: home, food, water, basic needs, parents, family relationships  Words that invoke this chakra:  Balance, stabilize, home, abundance, steady, root, ground, connect, firm  “In this chakra we… acknowledge our physicality and our connection with Mother Nature and all earthly things.” (Corepower Yoga, 2015, p. 3-23)  WhenContinue reading “The Root Chakra and Our Sense of Safety”

What “We’ve” Actually Done, According to a Model of Skeptic Consciousness

By L. Lamont Williams After awaking slightly hungover on a Tuesday, a consequence of the interminable, global pandemic disrupting many societal routines (I’ve taken naps at 11:00 PM and plan for breakfast at around 2), I appeared in a Zoom meeting before doing what everyone else is doing, resuming a nothingness stripped of comfort orContinue reading “What “We’ve” Actually Done, According to a Model of Skeptic Consciousness”

Music: the Rhythm of Life

What genre are you listening to?  This is a question I often hear, especially when connecting with new people. Many believe the genres you listen to help to develop your personality and find the social group, in which a person belongs. Music is present in every culture, and is used as a tool to joinContinue reading “Music: the Rhythm of Life”