Fear and Loathing

By Millicent Sykes I stop to think about the ways in which I keep myself from taking action Many call it fear Sometimes, it is felt in the body, causing the person to physically stop because of overstimulation Sometimes, it is a thought that seems so frightening the person begins to dissociate from reality, becomingContinue reading “Fear and Loathing”

Singular Enhancement Optimization: Personal Decisions Matter

By Dan Coleman A popular unspoken belief is that living in a free society means a person is at liberty to do what one wants, when one wants, without accountability to anyone, as long as no law is broken. The following story provides evidence to reject this notion by illustrating how a young boy’s decisionsContinue reading “Singular Enhancement Optimization: Personal Decisions Matter”

A Sense of Betrayal

By Millicent Sykes A broken illusion A clashing of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors A misunderstanding starting to erode the soul and sense of essence A… a…. a… moment in time where the confusion becomes too much to bear Insecurity setting in as the vision of the person’s life begins to crumble around All sense ofContinue reading “A Sense of Betrayal”

Culture of Blame: Do you blame yourself or others?

By Millicent Sykes When you think about blame, what scenarios come to mind? Do you think about how your husband forgot to pick up milk from the grocery store? Do you think of how your girlfriend drank too much wine when she was out with the girls? Do you think about politicians who evade theContinue reading “Culture of Blame: Do you blame yourself or others?”


By Millicent Sykes A petite sirah attempting to find meaning in a world celebrating hedonism, superficial beauty, and the quest for treasure. Attempting to communicate the thoughts, emotions, and experiences which have haunted my essence, hoping to find commonality among others and a sense of understanding. Concaving into myself attempting to find my own understandingContinue reading “Disorientation”

Singular Enhancement Optimization: Impact

By Dan Coleman What is in it for Moi? A natural question for almost any proposed change. Who would fault those potentially impacted by change for thinking it. Fewer would fault those for verbalizing it. An article was published recently introducing a new political theory called Isolation Moderation – one that carries a very likely solutionContinue reading “Singular Enhancement Optimization: Impact”

The Truest Words

By Millicent Sykes The ones that cut deep, to the core The words we say to ourselves when no one is listening Words, phrases that our inner being attempts to dispel A judgement we hold and hope no one sees A message our behavior attempts to prove wrong When echoed by others, our insecurity isContinue reading “The Truest Words”


By Millicent Sykes A phrasing of love A way of stating acknowledgment of one’s existence, of one’s value, and of one’s importance Sometimes that external factor can be significant to the one who currently feels empty, numb, and vacant Pedaling through life filled with mediocrity, mundanity, and repetition Having a serendipitous moment of excitement, spontaneity,Continue reading “Validation”