Saving Face

By Millicent Sykes Injecting methods to hide emotions  THE ATTEMPT Ally self with view Block projections of fear, insecurity, jealousy, envy, and hate Communicate fearlessness THE DISCOVERY Observe adaption to circumstances  Realize reality and concept of time  Remember a heart which once beat  THE AWAKENING Refuse to quit  Oscillate between tolerance and acceptance  Process theContinue reading “Saving Face”

Singular Enhancement Optimization: Too Hot to Handle

By Dan Coleman Hello, Each and Every Reader. By reading this and/or any of the other articles about Isolation Moderation, a red hot potato has been dropped into your lap. Regardless of your decisions about the theory, the seed has been planted. Ideally, your perspective will have been altered in a manner that inspires reflection.Continue reading “Singular Enhancement Optimization: Too Hot to Handle”

Singular Enhancement Optimization: Big and Tall

By Dan Coleman Individual freedoms are sacred in this Land of Opportunity that we Americans call home. Poll a cross section of the population asking what freedom means and the responses would be expected to be as varied as the demographics. Freedom of speech, religion, movement. Free enterprise. The opportunity to dream and to pursueContinue reading “Singular Enhancement Optimization: Big and Tall”

Genesis: Creating Something New

By Millicent Sykes “We can’t all be geniuses,” a co-worker said to me once. “Why not?” I replied. “A genius is someone who has an idea, a new idea.” Ok, so you have a new idea. What do you do with it? Is it true, kind, necessary? (to quote the great thinkers…) Okay, criteria met.Continue reading “Genesis: Creating Something New”

Singular Enhancement Optimization: Power Decisions Matter More

By Dan Coleman Being at a party and being tolerated because an invitation was received is one thing. A warm welcome at a party is another. Brandon Burlsworth understood the feeling all too well. Amazingly, he personified elements of the political theory, Isolation Moderation, before it was developed. He examined himself constantly in order toContinue reading “Singular Enhancement Optimization: Power Decisions Matter More”

Fear and Loathing

By Millicent Sykes I stop to think about the ways in which I keep myself from taking action Many call it fear Sometimes, it is felt in the body, causing the person to physically stop because of overstimulation Sometimes, it is a thought that seems so frightening the person begins to dissociate from reality, becomingContinue reading “Fear and Loathing”

A Sense of Betrayal

By Millicent Sykes A broken illusion A clashing of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors A misunderstanding starting to erode the soul and sense of essence A… a…. a… moment in time where the confusion becomes too much to bear Insecurity setting in as the vision of the person’s life begins to crumble around All sense ofContinue reading “A Sense of Betrayal”

Culture of Blame: Do you blame yourself or others?

By Millicent Sykes When you think about blame, what scenarios come to mind? Do you think about how your husband forgot to pick up milk from the grocery store? Do you think of how your girlfriend drank too much wine when she was out with the girls? Do you think about politicians who evade theContinue reading “Culture of Blame: Do you blame yourself or others?”


By Millicent Sykes A petite sirah attempting to find meaning in a world celebrating hedonism, superficial beauty, and the quest for treasure. Attempting to communicate the thoughts, emotions, and experiences which have haunted my essence, hoping to find commonality among others and a sense of understanding. Concaving into myself attempting to find my own understandingContinue reading “Disorientation”