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Mastering complexity can be difficult in our modern society. There is a never-ending demand of tending to our physiological and mental needs; remaining authentic, unique, and relevant in our fast-paced world of business. How are you utilizing your passion and potential while staying true to YOUR vision, mission, and goals? Let us find out!

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How do you ensure your needs are met?

Calling All Creatives!

By John Altamirano There is a sweet and subtle dance we all do with creativity. It moves in waves through even the most ordinary things. Infinite possibilities are on display in the palm of our hands and can be altered dramatically with a casual swipe. Suddenly, we have seen enough. Time stands still and aContinue reading “Calling All Creatives!”

Cathartic COVID Writing

By Megan Johnson McCullough The night the governor of California shut down, locked down, and closed small businesses, I had to write the dreaded email to my fitness studio clients that we would pause until further notice. Little did I know that pause would last over 3 months. It felt like my world was shattered,Continue reading “Cathartic COVID Writing”

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