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Mastering complexity can be difficult in our modern society. There is a never-ending demand of tending to our physiological and mental needs; remaining authentic, unique, and relevant in our fast-paced world of business. How are you utilizing your passion and potential while staying true to YOUR vision, mission, and goals? Let us find out!

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How do you ensure your needs are met?

Fear and Loathing

By Millicent Sykes I stop to think about the ways in which I keep myself from taking action Many call it fear Sometimes, it is felt in the body, causing the person to physically stop because of overstimulation Sometimes, it is a thought that seems so frightening the person begins to dissociate from reality, becomingContinue reading “Fear and Loathing”

A Sense of Betrayal

By Millicent Sykes A broken illusion A clashing of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors A misunderstanding starting to erode the soul and sense of essence A… a…. a… moment in time where the confusion becomes too much to bear Insecurity setting in as the vision of the person’s life begins to crumble around All sense ofContinue reading “A Sense of Betrayal”

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