Singular Enhancement Optimization

By Dan Coleman

A radio or social media advertisement mentions a political theorist and author coming to your area to speak. The ad heralds the speaker as the creator of a political theory that could solve many domestic problems, solve most social problems nationwide, and even provide a solution for significant global problems. Albeit juxtaposed with some skepticism perhaps, would it not have the attention of most? Does it not seem this theorist, one Tonali Windslor, and his political theory, Moderation Isolation, would not arouse the curiosity of many? Read on if it has yours.

There are two fundamental premises of the theory as stated in Windslor’s book, itself entitled Isolation Moderation. The first is a form of isolation. Not a total, complete, and permanent isolation but a temporary, reflective period.  The theory contradicts a frequent assumption that change trickles down.  Instead, it asserts that lasting change infiltrates and permeates from the bottom up. Windsor quotes Confucius emphasizing this message, if one wants to change the world, one begins with one’s self. 

The second premise, the cousin to temporary isolation, is that each person and each solitary nation embrace and commit to an attitude and stance of non-aggression. Instead of nations invading, pillaging, and looting other nations of their treasures, or, of individuals legally, albeit unethically, relieving the defenseless of their assets through legal loopholes, a change of mind results in amended actions on both counts.

Regarding premise one, the starting point is with each individual. Each household, consequently each member of it, inventories its strengths and weaknesses and develops a strategy for helping the entire household to reach peak performance, collectively and individually. 

The same is true at the municipal and federal levels. Nations inventory themselves to identify strengths and areas for improvement. In the same way the author does not suggest each household hastily reorganize and throw away what is in one sweeping decision to comply with the theory, neither does he suggest municipalities or federal agencies immediately toss the old with replacement policies and protocols complying with IM theories. In either case, action or change for its own sake is not the answer. To use a medical term, what, then, is the proposed treatment plan?

Regardless of one’s personal view on or familiarity with the Bible, like the Confucian quote, the insight in the words in chapter 4, verse 28, of the Pauline letter to the Ephesians is undeniable. It says, “He who has been stealing must steal no longer but must work, doing something useful with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with those in need.” 

Cessation of thieving was not the point. And, though getting a job and carrying his own weight was a move in the right direction, it still was not the point. That this presumably intelligent, observant, resourceful, and remarkably skilled professional demographic was expected to polish and prune itself nears the point. That their self improvements were not even ostensibly to feather their own caps was not the purpose either. These people who once cased premises for valuables, strategized, and stole from others would now consider how to use their new windfalls from self-improvement and useful income endeavors to help those in need.  Remember the goal, that each person, each household, each community, state, and country move toward optimal self-sufficiency.  

In considering optimizing potential at the personal level or the national or global level, there is one professional group that comes to mind in terms of immediate impact from changed thinking and perspectives. From the journalism and media sectors, publishing through government, legal, and marketing, there would likely be many with much to say and the need for someone to write it well. 

The theory (Isolation Moderation) involves talk of changed thinking. Windslor’s book also warns that change nearly always meets resistance. Everyone must be aware that change will not likely come easily nor without costs. Nonetheless, with the possibility of real problem resolutions in the balance, how can any person or nation not consider what Isolation Moderation can mean for it?

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