The Artist and the Con

By Millicent Sykes

Raggedy Ann and the puppet master dancing in a studio, surrounded by mirrors and on-lookers. One originates the movement while the other strives to imitate to perfection.

Both attempting to heal from past hurts and negative experiences. Experiences filled with sorrow, hate, mistrust, and jealousy. While one recluses, the other chases attention and validation. Each attempting to find the same thing…

Something that was always true between the two of them.. which with time slowly fades with an anticipated extinction

“The dialogue has opened”

… but I don’t think you’re ready for the truth yet..

Let’s set the stage

Once upon a time, there was a person who cared tremendously when another was slowly dying

Both dreaming of another place, of another dimension

A place of wonder which was not matching reality

Loss of hope expressed in a different form

Attempting to keep a version of the dream alive

… and feeling the grasp of hopes dissipate with the accumulation of experiences

Discovering the hierarchy of people, places, and ideas

“My heart just dropped”

I realized the meaning of life and the future

As we crumble, we notice the teachings of the elders

In desperation, we notice what matters

What matters the most to you?

The artist typically focuses on aspects of life which are transmuted to beauty

Sorrow, desperation, fear, neglect, hurt, pain, love, joy…

The con practices a version of authenticity with a focus on manipulation, deception, and skewness

Wrath, lust, greed, gluttony, envy, laziness…

At a certain point, it becomes difficult to determine the authentic from the copy

What happens when you let go of the love presented to you

When you are no longer able to determine falsity from truth

When will you decide to own your own

“You can’t hate what you don’t know”

Unless that person has become the essence of your expression

Who have you become?

The artist..

or the con?

Published by mindsetofathlete

I am a mental health professional in love with art, of various expressions. My career focuses on understanding health and fitness, acknowledging when a person has become unbalanced in their obligations, and determining the best customized approach for helping clients recover and heal. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, participating in outdoor activities, and exploring cuisines and cultural elements of my environment.

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