Saving Face

By Millicent Sykes

Injecting methods to hide emotions 


Ally self with view

Block projections of fear, insecurity, jealousy, envy, and hate

Communicate fearlessness


Observe adaption to circumstances 

Realize reality and concept of time 

Remember a heart which once beat


Refuse to quit 

Oscillate between tolerance and acceptance 

Process the guilt of naïveté and ignorance 

Disprove limited beliefs

Manage expectations


“What is this life but a waste of time”

Notice the constant shift in energy

Recognize the origin of misconceptualization

Understand the nature of adaptation 

Make a dance

Published by mindsetofathlete

I am a mental health professional in love with art, of various expressions. My career focuses on understanding health and fitness, acknowledging when a person has become unbalanced in their obligations, and determining the best customized approach for helping clients recover and heal. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, participating in outdoor activities, and exploring cuisines and cultural elements of my environment.

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