A Sense of Betrayal

By Millicent Sykes

A broken illusion

A clashing of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors

A misunderstanding starting to erode the soul and sense of essence

A… a…. a… moment in time where the confusion becomes too much to bear

Insecurity setting in as the vision of the person’s life begins to crumble around

All sense of security escaping their immediate surroundings

A fragile moment where comfort, closure, and warmth is most needed..

however, a moment when we are instructed to be strong

A contradiction where our spirit is attempting to shine forth

Our heart’s attempt to heal and beat

An interaction with a world ready to drain, bleed, and manipulate for external gain

(I get it.. everyone needs their bread and butter)

To the artist, this can be fuel and destruction

Published by mindsetofathlete

I am a mental health professional in love with art, of various expressions. My career focuses on understanding health and fitness, acknowledging when a person has become unbalanced in their obligations, and determining the best customized approach for helping clients recover and heal. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, participating in outdoor activities, and exploring cuisines and cultural elements of my environment.

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