The Stories We Tell

By Millicent Sykes (the one and only)

.. well “it’s my life..”

Well yeah, when do you decide your life versus the model

When I was younger, I wanted to be a model and recognized I was too small

A common remark I often receive

Too small, too short, too intelligent

Well.. what is it you crave my dear?

What is it you desire?

What is it you need?

What is it you want?

Peculiar questions asked by the masses…

Who fucking knows..

I remember when all I wanted was love..

I received it and realized… “it’s aint shit.”

Fuck… “is this it?”

Dreams gone, a fantasy dismissed, a concept disproved…

Well… what’s the point then..

Where is my sense of hope?

Why should I continue to try.. what is the point of striving…

Well.. you tell me?

Are you fucking reading this? Then you are motivated, engaged, and interested…

… may I say intrigued?

When does the complaining stop and we start to see the trauma, hurt, sacrifice, and sorrow in others…

I understand it takes time but fuck…. how long?

You tell me….

Published by mindsetofathlete

I am a mental health professional in love with art, of various expressions. My career focuses on understanding health and fitness, acknowledging when a person has become unbalanced in their obligations, and determining the best customized approach for helping clients recover and heal. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, participating in outdoor activities, and exploring cuisines and cultural elements of my environment.

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