The Lost City

By Charlie Taylor

Infested with parasites

Seeking women, dopamine, and gold

How do you defend a home front when you don’t know the enemy?

People migrating to find a sense of home but instead attempting to rectify lost battles

“I’ve gotta stay high all the time to keep you off my mind”

Past hearts confessing to a lord which has long been forgotten, a love never thought found

” Need someone to numb the pain”

A face, a body, a personality

What are you lacking?

For some… all the above

What can be done?

Not much.. to be honest.

When you don’t learn yourself, it’s hard to know what you can offer

Published by mindsetofathlete

I am a mental health professional in love with art, of various expressions. My career focuses on understanding health and fitness, acknowledging when a person has become unbalanced in their obligations, and determining the best customized approach for helping clients recover and heal. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, participating in outdoor activities, and exploring cuisines and cultural elements of my environment.

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