My Intentions for 2022: A Smart Guide

By Mahinroop

My Intentions for 2022

Strive for Better Work Life Balance 

I am going to develop better habits for work life balance in the year 2022 and I intend to spend more time with my family. 

Have More Funny Moments 

I will find time for silly things that make me happy in the year 2022 and I sincerely believe that I will be a better person when I let off steam. 

Planning an Exercise Routine and Yoga Practice 

I am planning to engage in an exercise routine and yoga practice in the upcoming year in order to rejuvenate myself. 

Find a Social Service Opportunity 

I know that engaging in social service will be fulfilling and I am interested in volunteering regularly. 

Travel More 

I will be exploring lesser known travel destinations in the post Covid era and I am excited to launch my travel adventures. I want to reengage with family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances in the coming year. 

Write More Blog Content 

I will start a blog and write extensively on my favourite topics, passions, hobbies, travel and technology. I am planning to write a book this year although I have already published five books. 

What Did You Learn about Yourself in 2021? 

Learning experience has transformed my mind in 2021 and the passion for my profession empowered me in the previous year. Taking care of health was another valuable lesson I learned in 2021 and I realized the importance of eating a balanced diet and going for a walk. I learned how to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally in the year 2021. I also learned how to value things, emotions and love because humanity lost so much during the Covid crisis. I learnt  the lesson of making the most out of what we got during the tough times of Covid 19. 

Making virtual meetings and online education was another important lesson we learned during the times of lockdown. The year 2021 taught me the power of right work life balance and I learnt something different since I got a break from the monotonous work. I came to know that unprecedented experiences pave the way towards unprecedented lessons. I have learned lessons about myself and others during the pandemic and most of the insights were superficial. I learnt precious lessons about work, life and career during the times of pandemic. 

What Do You Want to Welcome in 2022? 

I would like to welcome technology upgrades, smart living with best consumer goods and an upgraded health segment in the year 2022. I believe that the year 2022 will be all about advancement in technology and it is an indisputable fact that Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and smart gadgets will ease the living in 2022. The upcoming year will have to focus necessarily on technology for consumer durable and health segments. Video communication has gained great significance in the aftermath of Covid 19 pandemic and it paved the way towards increased demand of audio visual devices and IT peripherals like webcams, headphones, speakerphones and Wi-Fi routers. 

It seems that the year 2022 is promising for the video communication market and advanced and innovative solutions will transform the video communication market in the upcoming year. Consumer needs and lifestyle will undergo a sea change as the cases of Covid 19 are increasing. I expect the sales of wearable devices like smart watches will witness a major influx from online retailers. Smartwatch companies will focus on product innovations like monitoring Covid infection rates via smart wearables. Healthcare trends of upcoming years will be largely driven by the Covid 19 pandemic. 

What Do You Want to Release and Let Go Off in 2022? 

The list of things to release and let go off in 2022 include fear of the future, the need for more things, the illusion of control, the need for more things, clutter, guilt about letting go, bad money habits, toxic relationships and saying yes to each and everything. We should not allow fear to take control of us and it keeps us from growing and learning. It is important to understand the difference between things we can control and things we can’t control. We can let go of things we can’t control and our focus should be on what we can do to improve our life. 

It is easy to find ourselves always wanting more and owning more things does not make us happy. We can get rid of things we don’t use, don’t love or don’t need and it is ideal to make space for things that matter most to us. It is quite important to remember that we are not obligated to keep anything we don’t want. Why can’t we consider positive ways to let go of clutter like selling it online or donating it to charity organizations? 

How Does Self Consciousness and Insecurities Play a Role in Directing Intentions, Energy and Focus? 

Self consciousness and insecurities have a profound role in directing intentions, energy and focus. It has been pointed out that self consciousness can be developed in order to be happier, have more influence, be a better decision maker, and a more effective leader. Self consciousness is the ability to focus on ourselves and how our actions, thoughts, or emotions don’t align with internal standards. A self conscious individual can objectively evaluate himself, manage emotions, align behaviour with values and understand how others perceive us. 

Those individuals who are self aware can interpret their actions, feelings and thoughts objectively. Developing self consciousness is absolutely important since it allows leaders to assess their growth and effectiveness. There are two states of self awareness: public self awareness and private self awareness. We adhere to social norms and behave in socially acceptable ways because of public self awareness. Although self awareness has its own benefits, there is also the danger of tipping into self consciousness. Individuals who care about public self awareness may spend too much time worrying about what other people think of them. Those persons who have private self awareness are introspective and they approach their feelings and reactions with curiosity. 

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