How to Overcome Your Creativity Block to Create a Masterpiece

By Thee Oak

How to Overcome Your Creativity Block to Create a Masterpiece

If creativity was a never-drying well, we would have unlimited paintings by Picasso and never-ending symphonies by Beethoven. The downside is that we don’t live in a perfect world. It is normal to face creativity blocks from time to time.

Creativity blocks can arise from a lot of places, from being overwhelmed at work to lacking enough inspiration. Whether you are a freelance writer, photographer, painter, movie director, or any other creative, getting your inspiration back is essential. Here is how to get back your groove when you feel like you aren’t producing masterpieces:

When You Are Overthinking

The biggest critic to most creatives is their inner critic. It pushes us to go above and beyond, but it could also cripple our creativity. You might find yourself second-guessing your work or struggling to identify the best path to follow. It is also possible to think that you are in a comfort zone.

The best way to beat this creativity block is to get out of your head. Find ways to distract yourself from your thoughts. For instance, you can take a walk or travel to a place that helps you calm your mind. Consider reading your favorite book or watching an inspiring movie. While they might seem trivial, these distractions can help you regain focus and get back to being the star you are.

When You Are Fearing Too Much

Fear can be crippling to any creative. It is normal to ask yourself multiple questions. Will people love your work? What if the next piece isn’t as good as the last piece? What happens if you get a revision request from this client? What if you lose this client?

These intrusive thoughts and fears will hold you back – find ways to fight them. For starters, allow yourself to make mistakes when creating something. If you are a painter, don’t worry about having a few wrong strokes with your paintbrush. If you are a movie director, make a short skit without regarding perfection. Working on something imperfect allows you to break the initial barrier to getting back your groove.

Most importantly, remind yourself why you do what you do. Do you do it for money, happiness, the feeling of accomplishment, or as inspiration? You can use your answer to this question to kick out any intrusive thoughts.

When Life Changes, Disrupt Your Flow

Life happens. Some personal experiences like going through a breakup or losing a family member might disrupt your creativity flow. Look for ways to thrive despite these disruptions. For starters, creative work can be therapeutic enough to help you deal with life changes. In fact, some of the best songs the world has heard were made after the artist underwent a life crisis.

If you can solve the personal problem, look for ways to solve it. For instance, if an argument with a friend is draining your creativity well, talk with them to hash things out. However, some problems can only be solved with time. If you need to heal from the death of a loved one or a breakup, take a break from your creative routine.

Dealing with whatever you are going through allows you to come back undistracted. In case you need to vent, find a friend to share your struggles with. The quicker you can deal with your personal issues, the easier it will be to head back to work.

When Feeling Overwhelmed

As creatives, it is common to have a huge influx of work. Clients and customers want your input on multiple projects, impeding how well you can uphold your creativity. Being overwhelmed is a precursor for burnout, which could last for even longer than the block. Avoid this by prioritizing your projects.

Create a clear distinction between the projects you are willing to take on and those that you aren’t. You should create a priority list for the former to ensure that your time allows you to handle everything. It’s okay to say ‘no’ to projects that you don’t have the time to handle.

Most importantly, find time to disconnect from your work – self-care is essential for creativity. Create some free time for you to do things that make you happy. Stay away from social media and your phone during this time.

Fight Creative Blocks like a Champ

Feeling stuck is completely normal. That doesn’t mean that you should allow your creative block to impede your work for too long. Use the tips above to get back to creating the masterpieces you were meant to create.  

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