What does it mean to have a Free Mind?

By Millicent Sykes Intrusive thoughts encompassing the mind Figuring out how to feel, what to think, how to behave It’s exhausting Why not be free, embrace the moment, free the mind To be blessed can sometimes be correlated with control Having ownership with our destiny can feel comforting, however not always a possibility What ifContinue reading “What does it mean to have a Free Mind?”

Singular Enhancement Optimization

By Dan Coleman A radio or social media advertisement mentions a political theorist and author coming to your area to speak. The ad heralds the speaker as the creator of a political theory that could solve many domestic problems, solve most social problems nationwide, and even provide a solution for significant global problems. Albeit juxtaposedContinue reading Singular Enhancement Optimization”

Holidays, Anniversaries, and Death

By Charlie Taylor There’s one coming up… Father’s Day This is a time where we think about our relationship with men, no matter gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, and/or nature of relationship Men created the world, right? Who sets the tone then? I can say for a fact, EVERY SINGLE PERSON, has been harmed byContinue reading “Holidays, Anniversaries, and Death”

Connection and the Heart Chakra

By Millicent Sykes “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.” -Seneca Throughout my experience with yoga, self-reflection, and an application of values, I routinely return to the intention and purpose of life. Often times, I consider wisdom, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Currently, I have become fixated withContinue reading “Connection and the Heart Chakra”

Alert! Alert! Alert!

There is a new opportunity available for you to identify your blindspots and areas of growth! I have been crafting an academy focused on activating the Mindset of an Athlete by Mastering Complexity. Below is the link to the academy! I highly suggest you check it out! https://mindset-of-an-athlete-academy.teachable.com/ I was inspired to create this academyContinue reading “Alert! Alert! Alert!”

Creation Is…

By Jacob Jones One could suppose that for most, the creative process is some grand mystery. There are tales of men and women diving to the depths of the sea and hurling themselves out of aircraft seeking inspiration. Some say agony is a necessary precursor to beauty. Others theorize a more relaxed flow of unconcentratedContinue reading “Creation Is…”

Courting the Motivation to Create

By Daniel Kariuki Time and again, we have struggled to pick our creative tools up. Sometimes pushed to the verge of giving up. But a small voice, the only voice that seems to believe in us, cheers us to keep keeping on. And so we do. When we understand some factors that strengthen our creativeContinue reading “Courting the Motivation to Create”


By Franklin Muiruri Struggling with creativity and how to awaken your creative potential? Many others feel lost in the internet world that is currently saturated with people posting original ideas. Worry not; I will provide three essential steps I have tried before and worked on to create your masterpiece! Eccentric has become the new cool,Continue reading “Creativity”


By Daniel Carbonero Is not one of the first principles of education the scientific principle that matter is neither created nor destroyed but that it only changes form? Water is the obvious example. Steam and ice are not created. They result from water changing form.  This writer would put before anyone reading this article thatContinue reading “Creativity”

Creativity and the Creative Process

By Grace Muthoni The creative process is the flow of thoughts and actions that leads to the final shape of an idea. We prefer to admire the best designs in the industry and marvel at their simplicity, beauty, and efficacy while looking at creative work. How can each individual be more creative at work withoutContinue reading “Creativity and the Creative Process”